About Me

15 Things that you didn't know about me.

1. I have 4 other siblings.

2. When I'm older I want to become a P.E teacher.

3. I Barrick for Collingwood.

4. If I were to discribe myself in 3 words they would be strong,loyal,athletic.

5. My favourite subject to do in school is P.E.

6. I have two dogs.

7. In my free time I like to swim in my pool.

8. My favourite food is ice cream.

9. My favourite tv show is home and away.

10. My favourite soft drink is Fanta.

11. The best book I've read is the honest truth.

12. My star sign is Gemini.

13. My birth stone is emerald.

14. My favourite colour is aqua.

15. One thing that I want to do when I'm older is travel around the world.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Tess

    Hey Jessie,

    I thought I new a lot about you since we’re friends but supprisingly I didn’t.Ithink it’s really cool how you want to be a PE teacher when your older I could imagine you being one.I loved how you showed photos of your amazing family and adorible dogs.

    From Tess.


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