Oral presentation

In our class we have all been working on an oral presentation called a day I'll never forget. My oral presentation is going to be about Mary Bryant. She is known for the first successful escapes from the Australian penal colony in the 1770s . I'm felling more confident than I did at the very start.

13 thoughts on “Oral presentation

  1. Anneliese

    Hi Jess,
    I loved your presentation because it was interesting and fun to listen too. Next time I wished you spoke a little bit louder.
    From Anneliese

  2. xavierngps

    Hi Jessie,
    I liked how you used someone else to over come your fear. It’s good how you made the boat noises. Maybe you could speak a bit louder.

    From Xavier

  3. Taya

    OMG Jessie,
    You did such a great job overcoming your nerves. I liked your volume and the setup.

  4. Cameron

    Well done Jessie for going up there and doing your performance maybe a little bit more eye contact.


  5. Henry

    Dear Jessie,

    I liked your presentation because you stayed in character all the time. I think next time you could speak a bit more louder because it was hard to hear you a bit.

    From Henry

  6. Caitlin

    Hey Jessie,

    Wonderful presentation, I loved your movement in it too. And next time you could of spoken a little louder, and to remember your script properly.

    From Caitlin

  7. Charlotte

    Hi Jessie,

    I liked your presentation and your clear voice next time maybe a louder voice

    From Charlotte

  8. ilmdb08

    Hi Jessie

    Great performance I liked how you used lots of movement but maybe next time you could speak a little bit more louder.

    From Asha


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