The reason I chose my avatar was because it had a ponytail which is what I usually wear. It's wearing sporty casual clothes which I also like to wear. I chose the background because it is my favourite colour.


In our class we have all been working on an oral presentation called a day I'll never forget. My oral presentation is going to be about Mary Bryant. She is known for the first successful escapes from the Australian penal colony in the 1770s . I'm felling more confident than I did at the very start.

image Today we finished making the cover of our writers notebook. I'm really happy with my work because I worked really hard. I will be able to use my  writer's notebook as inspiration for lots of great writing this year.

imageHere is the link to the Luna Park website. I think that we should go to Luna Park on the school holidays.

here is a link to the Melbourne aquarium website. I think that we Should go to the Melbourne aquarium on the school holidays. Because we can learn more about under water animals.

here is the link to Bounce website. I think that we should go to bounce on the school holidays. Because it is good to have a run around so that we can stay healthy but in a fun as well.




To do a mind map your writing has to be mostly horizontal. The branch has to go thick to thin. You also need one colour on each branch. Your writing needs to be neet.

Mind maps were do I start. With mine about our amazing earth.

Over a couple of weeks I have learnt so much about our amazing earth. Click on the photo below to see what I've learnt.



After                                                   Before                                                 Finish

As you can see I new nothing about day and night on my before page because there is a moon and no earth.

On my after page there is a lot more Information that explains how day and night happens. As the earth spins it is day were the sun is shining and night were it is not facing the sun.

Well the earth spins around and the sun reflect on the earth that mean the sun is always on a part of the earth. That means on the other side of the earth is night.




On the 9th of September all of the grade fours walked to Warina Aged Care to perform 4 poems, Mulga Bill's Bicycle, The Man From Ironbark and the Bush Christening. All of the grade fours sang Waltzing Matilda, Queensland version. Then we had some time after to ask some questions about how life was back then and what they did. I taught one resident how to use an iPad and games that she could play and how to download apps. I had a great time and I'm pretty sure that they did too.



Term three learning goals.Organisations is one of the YCDI habits.Setting goals is one of the keys to organisation. There are short term goals and long term goals a long term goal is one that lasts all term. A short term goal is stepping stones to long term goals.

Learning behaviour
To be able to work with out getting distracted.
- keep focused on my tasks.
- ignore the person next to me.
- useing my class time wisely.

English goal
Enjoy my Reading
- a just write book.
- a book you enjoy.
- reread.
- clear picture.

Math goal
Be quick and accurate at my 2s and 3s.
-practice every day after school.
-go on times table me.
-Learn two times table.
-learn three times table.
-learn two division times table.


The biggest morning tea was held at the grade four class rooms. All of the grade fours brought a plate of food or a gold coin donation. We brought a gold coin donation for the people who have cancer to help them to recover. I learnt that even if you bring one dollar it can always make a difference.







To day we chatted  about setting a learning goals .My learning goal for the term is Maths, English and my learning behaviour.

The You Can Do It goal is I will focus on is to improve my ability to be persistent.I will improve my ability to be persistent.To do this I will to use self talk  to keep going and look for other ways to do hard work.

In English I will focus improv my reading. To do this I will have stamina and get a clear picture in my head.

My effort in maths will focus on my timetables.To do this I will be quick and accurate at my 2s to do this I will practice with Anke and at home.




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This story is about three kangaroo that go on a  adventure with flys, lice, heat and snow for nine months 8 Thousand  Australians were killed in Gallipoli.

This novel is about facts of Gallipoli and what happens in the war and how dangerous it was to go there. Lots of Australian Soldiers  died on the first day. Because the  Turkey soldiers war all Ready to fire there  guns.

imageThis book can be read by all ages. I really enjoyed this book  because I learnt things I didn't know.

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Great, I had to make a 1 metre lighthouse out of newspapper. we did survive the fan test.

My group was successful. It took a wile but we got only had one metre of tape. It was diffecut but got a nother metre.

The 3D  sape  is cilder a frame. I laurnt to use a triangl cilder to help it stand up.


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I am in year 4. We just read a picture story book! We just read Farmer Duck it had some hidden messages.

It is a story about a lazy farmer and a little white duck who has to do all of the work on the farm. The next day with a moo,baa and a cluck all of the animals made a plan to get rid of the farmer. It did work and the farmer never came back.

I am going to challenge myself. To pick one of the messages for one term. That will make me successful. Working together can be fun. If you work your hardest it begins to be fun. And when you do it with your friends you can finish your work that is the best you can do.